Bilingual Brown Babies
Bilingual Brown Babies
Kami Anderson

Welcome to Bilingual Brown Babies

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About Us

Bilingual Brown Babies is the FORCE behind the MOVEMENT to increase the number of African American bilinguals and connecting the African Diaspora through the Spanish language.

Why You Should Join Us

You want to see the world through language, but keep a strong connection to your identity because you see it as your greatest strength.  You have an itch to speak more than one language but you want to do it with people that are just like you. You’re bright, but know when you need help.  You’re cultured, but know there’s more to see of the world and you’re just a little competitive and want a larger piece of the global pie that being bilingual can offer.

A Big Thanks

Gracias a todos de juntarnos!  By joining this network, you are officially a part of a #blacklinguisticarmy united through language and connected as a community!